8 channel HD video installation
9 channel sound
10 mins 18 sec
Collaboration with Basil Hogios (composer)
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Yia Yia's song continues Murphy's investigation into the mnemonic properties of song and its ability to transport us into another time and place. This multi channel video and sound installation has been inspired by a found sound recording by Diamando Hogios, paternal grandmother of composer and sound designer, Basil Hogios. The recording is of a song that mixes both folk songs and made up lyrics sung by Diamando, alone in her kitchen, in Greece in 1976 - a mothers lament for her children who left their homeland for a better life in Australia. Murphy and Hogios filmed members of Diamondos family listening and responding to this song. In this installation, speakers suspended from the ceiling play the original recording from 1976 on repeat. In the surrounds are projections and monitors playing video of people listening and responding to this song who are all connected to it in some way.